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You Say - $15

You Say CD cover

You Say is a delightful album! This fully orchestrated album includes a couple of Christian songs, a love song or two, Wendy's wacky song "Menopause", and more! "You Say" is a folk-style album with a gentle Celtic influence that you'll play again & again. All words & music on this CD are written by Wendy.

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Ladies' Night Out! - $15
Ladies' Night Out! CD cover
Ladies' Night Out!

A hilarious CD with nearly 75 minutes of Wendy's best songs, jokes & stories, plus some of her journey through depression & breast cancer. Recorded live in beautiful Brockville, Ontario, Canada.




I'm A Christian, So Why Am I Depressed? - $15
I���m A Christian, So Why Am I Depressed? CD cover

I'm A Christian, So Why Am I Depressed? Are you a believer who struggles with depression? Do you know of a fellow believer who does? Wendy's own diagnosis with clinical depression in 2000 has helped her understand those fighting this lonely battle. I'm A Christian, So Why Am I Depressed? offers practical, down-to-earth teaching in layman terms that are easy to understand. While Wendy is not a medical doctor nor a trained professional, she shares valuable insights on this issue and helps shed light on the misconceptions associated with depression. Specifically addressed in this CD is the stigma experienced by many believers within church circles regarding their struggles with depression.



Finding The Good In Grief - $15
Finding The Good In Grief DVD cover
"Finding the Good in Grief" is Wendy's first teaching DVD. In it, Wendy delves into the difficult subject of suffering. "Where is God when it hurts?" "Why is my life so difficult?" "Why isn't God protecting me from evil like the Bible says He will?"

This DVD is ideal for individual viewing or small group study. Order a copy today for yourself, a friend, or for your church library.

Running time: 1 hr 8 mins






Live in Ottawa! - $15
Live in Ottawa! DVD cover


Live in Ottawa is a DVD that's 100% Wendy!! Her beautiful songs & hilarious jokes are featured, and she even shows off her wacky wigs! Wendy also shares about her journey through clinical depression & breast cancer, and uses a clear gospel presentation to explain how she came to faith.