“It was a privilege to have Wendy Farha with us on Sunday morning, leading us in worship, performing her own songs, and sharing some of her own story. She is truly gifted and inspirational.”

~ Rev. Dan Endresen, St. Timothy’s Anglican Bible Church, Montreal, Quebec


“We really enjoyed your involvement in the Missions Concert that we held recently at St. Stephen’s, Westmount. You have such a guileless manner and get people laughing, and then minister beautifully to them in song. What a delight! You are surely one of His jewels. Blessings to you as you minister in the name of Jesus.”

~ Mrs. Jen McVeigh, former Chair, Diocesan Evangelism Committee, The Anglican Church in Canada




“We sure appreciated Wendy...she had our church laughing pretty hard. But besides the laughter, we really appreciated her sincerity. She was real with us as a church, and wasn’t afraid to share her own struggles. Wendy sharing from her heart touched and encouraged us as much or more than her great sense of humour.”

~ Pastor Joshua Winters, Davidson Community Bible Church, Davidson, Saskatchewan


“We really appreciated your ministry at Redeemer Bible Church. Your honesty, transparency and boldness were used of God in many lives; certainly mine. The combination of your thought-provoking storytelling, your passionate music and your insightful lyrics helped many people to think deeply and to be stirred at a heart level.”

~ Pastor John Garner, Redeemer Bible Church, Niagara Falls, Ontario


“Wendy was with us for our annual mission conference, ministering in song and humour at the Banquet, Ladies Breakfast and Sunday morning Worship Service. God has blessed her with the ability to mix her musical talent and humour to catch the attention of the crowd. Her introduction to each song was extremely powerful - throughout the conference her music challenged hearts to be more involved in outreach. We especially appreciated Wendy’s flexibility to adjust to the program. May God continue to use her for His glory!!”

~ Joan Allyn, Mission Committee Co-Chair, Redeemer Bible Church, Niagara Falls, Ontario


“We have had the pleasure of having Wendy Farha minister in music at Peoples Church. She has been well received and combines musical skill with a warm Christian presence. I recommend her to you.”

~ Pastor Frank Humphrey, Peoples Church, Montreal, Quebec


“Wendy has performed concerts in our church that have been inspirational as well as encouraging. We are blessed by her love for the Lord and her dedication of serving Him through her gift of music.”

~ Peter Cooney, Ministry Director, Peoples Church, Montreal, Quebec


“What a night!  Wendy had us both laughing and in tears all in one evening. As a breast cancer survivor myself, still in the mist of the journey, I was able to glean great truths about just how God can take something so devastating as cancer and depression, and turn it around for good. God gave Wendy the the gift of humour to get through her various battles, and I heard just what I needed to get through mine.”

~ Carol Anne Wicks, Women’s Ministries Coordinator, Ferndale Bible Church, Peterborough, Ontario



“Wendy brought her music and message to two different audiences during the weekend she spent with us. In an evening concert for caregivers, she brought insight, laughter and a message that God is present even in our deepest pain. She truly touched the hearts of our guests that night. The next morning, she spoke and sang to an audience in a camp setting made up mostly of youth. Parents and leaders remarked at how everyone was engaged by her presentation. I highly recommend Wendy as a versatile communicator and an inspiring Christian musician.”

~ Pastor Nolan Lee, West End Baptist Church, Halifax, NS


"Wendy brought her message to us in a concert setting. Her comedy and humour had us laughing all evening, and we thoroughly enjoyed her wonderful singing. She is a remarkable musical talent! Most meaningful and poignant were her life stories - conversations that resonated with us all, whether through personal experience, or as they related to someone we knew. As she shared her testimony, our faith was deepened. Wendy is a living example of God's blessings, hope, and compassion. I would commend Wendy Farha and her engaging presentation to any congregation."

~ Rev. Sherrolyn Riley, United Baptist Church, Mahone Bay, NS


“God is using the gifts and talents He has given to Wendy for His glory. I have observed people being drawn closer to Him because she has put what He has given her at His disposal. Wendy’s walk with God is reflected in her music and in her worship. She has blessed our congregation and our music team. I wholeheartedly recommend her to you!”

~ Pastor Bill Finch, Calgary, Alberta


“Wendy was our guest at Joy in the Journey, an event designed to build bridges within our community. We encouraged people to invite their family and friends who might not otherwise attend church. We were so pleased by the turnout! Wendy’s music and personal story helped open up avenues of conversation about how faith can sustain hope amidst suffering. Her clean comedy allowed us to laugh together and gave the event a warm and friendly feeling. We feel that Wendy’s story will help us to continue the conversations that we had already begun with our guests. We are excited about the follow up possibilities.”

~ Patty Girard, Ministry Service Board, Rosemount Bible Church, Montreal, Quebec


“Wendy combines humour, grace & God-given talent in her music and stories. She is able to draw us close to a God of compassion and love, offering encouragement to everyone, and in particular, to those who are hurting. Wendy’s relationship with God shines through her songs & stories, giving us glimpses of how God reaches out to us today.”

~Pastor Jacob Boer, First Christian Reformed Church, Montreal, Quebec


“Wendy is an inspirational speaker who shares her life story of pain, forgiveness, reconciliation and hope with both humour and seriousness. Additionally, she is a wonderful singer and through her presentation is able to touch the lives of many. I highly endorse Wendy to speak for any group - she’s witty, funny, has great talent and is able to minister to those going through some of life’s difficult issues.”

~ Carol Sybenga, Service Link Program Manager, Christian Reformed Church in North America


“Wendy shared her music, comedy and testimony at a recent  Ladies Coffee Break and it was one of the most inspirational events we have held. The ladies laughed, cried and were inspired by Wendy’s performance and life story. She was an encouragement to all of us to follow where God leads. Her gentle gospel message was also a wonderful way to reach seekers in the audience.  I would highly recommend Wendy for any Ladies event and hope to have her come back soon for a Ladies’ Night Out or Depression Seminar.”

~ Freda Kennedy, Coffee Break Coordinator, Fellowship CRC, Brighton, Ontario


“We had Wendy come to speak at our women’s group at church. We thoroughly enjoyed her. She was very candid about her life and experiences….we laughed and cried! I highly recommend Wendy to speak to your group.”

~ Karen Hillman-Groenweg, Fellowship CRC, St. Thomas, Ontario


“Wendy had us all laughing, singing and having a great time together, all while learning more about who we are in God’s eyes. We had women of all ages at the conference and everyone was able to laugh and learn together. Wendy shared her life story and showed us how to take the different things that happen to us and use them to grow stronger in our faith and rely on God for everything that happens.”

~ Kim Heersink, Mountainview Christian Reformed Church, Grimsby, Ontario


“Wendy was a pleasure to work with. She was easily reached for communication regarding her time with us, which we really appreciated. As ladies, we really enjoyed her message and her time with us. It was a good time of humour and reconnecting with the Lord!”

~ Ellen Eisses, Co-Ordinator, Christian Reformed Church Ladies’ Retreat, Maritime Division


“We appreciated Wendy’s ministry to our congregation. Her sensitivity to needs, anointed singing and sharing combined with the rare gift of humour allowed her to minister at a deep level in the lives of hurting people. Many have asked for her to come again. I recommend her ministry to all congregations.”

~ Rev. Barbara-Anne Ramer, Prospect Evangelical Missionary Church, Colborne, Ontario


“We were very pleased to have Wendy Farha with us for a weekend of ministry events. She shared the sermon time during our morning worship with her testimony and music, she had the crowd laughing with her comedy at our outreach event on Sunday night, and was the guest testimony for our Celebrate Recovery group on Monday night. What more could we ask of her? She exceeded our expectations in every area at three different events. She was great and we want to have her back again!”

~ Rev. Richard Wright, Chesley Community Church, Chesley, Ontario


"Wendy Farha is a great new fresh voice for the church. She brings a positive and encouraging message to those that have struggled or are struggling with cancer, depression, or any life-challenging issues. Her humour, Biblical clarity, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit has the ability to inspire and bring healing to spirit, soul, and body. Without reservation, I would have Wendy return to our church for ministry. "

~ Pastor Jim Reimer, Kootenay Christian Fellowship, Nelson, BC


“Wendy Farha was a great inspiration to our people at Shiloh Ministries. She has a unique ministry that tackles sensitive topics within the Body of Christ: social attitudes, depression, suicide, relationships. Wendy uses her unique, God-given talents to minister through singing, songwriting, comedy, and personal experiences. She believes in the full gospel to minister to those experiencing difficulty in their walk with Christ, that they may rise above situations and soar in Him!”

- Pastor Wayne Kent, Shiloh Ministries, Ilderton, ON


“Thank you for your willingness to share your testimony and songs with us. There are a few in our congregation who have had to face the same type of challenges that you have. What amazes us all is that you are still able to go on in life and become a beautiful spokesperson for God. We hope and pray that your message of hope will be heard by many people in Canada as well as other countries. You have been an inspiration to all of us.”

~ Pastor Brad Montsion, Fountaingate Christian Assembly, Cornwall, Ontario


“We invited Wendy for a very enjoyable Ladies Night Out….she was so comical, and the way she shared her battle with cancer was very inspiring. It was such an encouragement to hear her story and we have had so much positive feedback. Wendy also presented The Depression Workshop. It opened the door for people to share and be more open with their own battle with depression. Wendy offered sound advice on how to help and better understand someone who is depressed.”

~ Pastors Anne & Doug Peto Foursquare Gospel Church, Bathurst, New Brunswick


 "There is only one Wendy Farha!! Once you share an evening with her, you will agree that she cannot be copied or reproduced. Her humour is contagious!! As a pastor, I  appreciated how organized and flexible she was. Wendy also respected sensitive local situations. Our people and their guests are still laughing!”

~ Pastor Gary Landers, Cornerstone Community Church, Almonte, Ontario


“You were a delight to have at our church. You were funny, sincere and openly honest about all your difficulties, which is very refreshing in today’s world. Many people came up to me and said if you returned, they would work harder to get more people to attend. I don’t think the men will soon forget getting to wear your funny wigs! Thank you for the time you spent with us, and we hope to have you back in the future.”

~ Pastor Glenda Morrissette, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sudbury, Ontario


“Wendy Farha’s presentation powerfully impacted our congregation and equipped them with a life-transforming message of hope. Never before has a speaker had such a significant influence. If you invite one guest this year - invite Wendy Farha.”

~ Pastor Will Sloos, Lead Pastor Richmond Hill Pentecostal Church, Richmond Hill, Ontario


“We invited Wendy to be part of our Sunday morning service, and encouraged people to invite friends and neighbours. Our attendance was double that morning. Wendy shared from her heart through comedy, song and her story. She was able to make a connection with the audience and many stayed to talk one- on-one with her. After the service, two of our men told me, “We’ve got to have her back!”

~ Pastor David Porter, Community Pentecostal Church, Beaverton, Ontario


“Inviting Wendy to come and minister in testimony, song, and humour was a great decision. Our people were able to connect with her real life story quickly and in a meaningful way. Wendy offers the Church a great service in unraveling and setting aside the stigmas of depression and mental illness. Her story of battling cancer and living by faith in an uncertain world will help anyone travelling along the journey of life. We have already scheduled Wendy to come back and run her Depression Awareness Seminar in our community. I am so glad to know that there are people out there in ministry who can touch people’s lives right where they are sitting.”

~ Pastor Ron Pakulat, Arthur Pentecostal Assembly, Arthur, Ontario


“To pastors or leaders who are considering Wendy’s ministry: you will find she is genuine, transparent and open. Her presentation is funny and honest, and deals with the difficult things of life like depression and cancer. She will have your people laughing and, at times, crying, but you will find God is working through it all. It will be a time of refreshing and your people will be able to relax and be ministered to. She was a blessing at our church.”

~ Pastor Rev. David Elliott, Valley Cornerstone Assembly, Canning, Nova Scotia


“We had Wendy Farha at the Chapleau Pentecostal church here in Chapleau for a two-evening event in April 2013. The first night was a Concert & Comedy, the second was Wendy’s Depression Awareness Seminar.  Wendy was well received by the church and by the community and everyone enjoyed her humour. Personally, I appreciated Wendy’s openness to share her story and her journey thus far, as well as her willingness to work with our situation and set up. I can gladly recommend Wendy.”

~ Pastor Dan Lee, Chapleau Pentecostal Church, Chapleau, Ontario


“Wendy’s candor on the sensitive subjects of depression and cancer was disarming, engaging, and inspiring. She has a real way of making her audience comfortable enough to hear about the redemptive power and grace that God offers to us in real life crisis moments. Her musical and comedic gifts were encouraging and refreshing for our congregation. We are hoping to have Wendy minister at our church again and I would not hesitate to recommend her for a speaking presentation.”

~ Pastor Duane Henry, Christian Life Assembly, Dundas, Ontario


“It was a positive experience to have Wendy do a weekend of ministry at our church. Her transparency and relevancy in communicating her personal experience with cancer and depression was refreshing and moving. Wendy’s talented ability to use humour as a method  to convey a needed message was entertaining and well received. Most of all her personal and convincing testimony of faith in God and her clear presentation of the Gospel in a positive manner was focal in her ministry with us. Her ministry attracts people from all walks of life.”

~ Pastor Sterling Penney, Crossroads Gospel Temple, Amherst, Nova Scotia


“Wow!! Wendy was a delight to have at our church. She entertained the crowd with her humour and the congregation really responded to her music. It was her testimony of how God has brought her through the desert that deeply touched people’s hearts. When they heard of the struggles she has overcome, it was a wonderful opportunity for the people to see how God is at work in even the most difficult circumstances.”

~ Pastor Lawrence Crews, Senior Pastor, Calvary Community Church, Shanty Bay, Ontario


“I would highly recommend Wendy to any congregation. Her story is one that will minister to and encourage every person present because we are all touched in some way or another by the events she has experienced. She is an inspiration and a testimony of how one can wade through and rise above the circumstances of life when faith and trust are put in God and He is given control. A great blessing to all of us here at TurningPoint.”

~ Pastor Brian Dunlop, TurningPoint, Ancaster, Ontario


“When I think back to how Mother’s Day weekend all came together, I am very thankful you were here with us….it is amazing how God puts things together. You were a great guest and we were honoured to have you. May the Lord continue to use your life to touch others and point them to Christ.”

~ Pastor Jason Luscombe, Southside Worship Centre, Ajax, Ontario


“We were privileged to have Wendy Farha share with our congregation on Mother’s Day. Her combination of humour and music captured and kept the attention of the congregation. Someone commented that it was amazing that in one service they were brought from tears to laughter so quickly. Wendy’s uplifting story, shared with humour, and her musical ability brought encouragement and joy to many.”

~ Tony denBok, Lead Pastor, Clearview Community Church, Stayner, Ontario


“Wendy has shared and ministered with us several times in worship, with children and in small groups; unquestionably we would ask her back again. Her blend of gospel truth and authentic humour penetrates the heart and leaves you stirred and uplifted by the Spirit. Her life and music show a genuine faith in the face of trial, heartache and joy. God is using her as an instrument to lead people to a new day with our Lord Jesus Christ.”

~ Reverend Luke Vanderkamp, Knox Presbyterian Church, Trenton, Ontario


“Our church has had the privilege of enjoying Wendy Farha’s unique, Christ- centred ministry. She can be both funny and serious as she shares her own original songs and her testimony. We all appreciated her warmth and talent, and were particularly moved by the fact that her faith has been tested in adversity. We will want to have her back.”

~ Reverend John Vaudry, First Presbyterian Church, Pembroke, Ontario


“Wendy was the keynote speaker at one of our Synod meetings. As you may know, Presbyterians are known for being dour, but it was not the case this time. Wendy knows how to get the message across, even while sharing laughter. She was much appreciated.”

~ Reverend Kathryn Burgess, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Quebec City, Quebec


“I don’t know how to thank you for yesterday’s remarkable, emotional, funny and spiritual time you gave us at Good Shepherd. Everyone just loved you… you touched everyone’s heart since all of us have that well inside, full of different emotions that are stagnant and are afraid to let them go, your beautiful blessing welled up everyone’s heart and opened it. Thank you and God bless you.”

~ Anna Amodei, President, Catholic Women’s League, Good Shepherd Council, Brossard, Quebec


“An evening with Wendy Farha brought humor, insight into the crosses we have to bear, and hope, knowing that God is with us to through all of life’s experiences. Many people were touched.”

~ Marlene Bedard, Catholic Women’s League, Holy Trinity Parish, Woodstock, Ontario


“We wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your gift of music and comedy at our Women’s Retreat this past weekend. Thank you for sharing your story and they way in which God has changed your life. Your music and comedy brought much laughter and at times, tears. We were blessed as the Lord used your gifts to lead us in worship to our God. May you experience the guiding hand of the Lord as you hear ‘His’ song of HOPE, REST and CONFIDENCE in your life.”

~ Major June Newbury, Women’s Ministries, Ontario Central - East Division


“It was a joy to have Wendy come and share with our Women’s Retreat. Wendy shares from the depths of her soul. Because of her ability to be vulnerable, she relates beautifully to women from all walks of life. Wendy has a God given gift of balancing humor with life’s challenges, using her gift of music in the midst of it all. She keeps God at the forefront of her ministry, desiring women to live transformed lives, leaving the past behind and seeing what God has in store for them from this moment forward. Thank you, Wendy, for your obedience in following God’s call upon your life; may you always seek Him to keep the balance. You were a blessing and inspiration to many.”

~ Major Kim M. Harris, Asst. Program Secretary & Women’s Ministry Secretary, The Salvation Army - Western Pennsylvania


“It was our pleasure to have Wendy share with us at a church breakfast. Her ministry in music as well as her humour were well received and brought much blessing.”

~ Major Margaret Locke, Picton, ON


“I have had the opportunity to see Wendy perform in various venues and activities. She has a very smart, witty and clean humour to her act and performs it seamlessly with her singing and guitar playing. She has performed at various church activities and has always been able to “read the crowd” and connect at will. She is a good listener and wants to ensure all she does will meet the expectations of those for whom she is performing. I overwhelmingly endorse her for and public performance involving comedy, music and a personal story that is sure to be inspiring!”

~ Evange Destounis, Elder, Westview Bible Church, Pierrefonds, Quebec


“Wendy brought a sense of authenticity and outrageous humour to our Sunday evening service and allowed the people to laugh - at themselves as well as the very difficult situations they find themselves in. Keeping it real and delivering the message of God’s love and grace is Wendy’s strength. We enjoyed her immensely!”

~ Rev. Michelle Sim, Solid Gold Foundations Church, Oakville, Ontario


“We were richly blessed to have Wendy spend a few days with us at South Range Christian Church. Her humour left us in stitches and her music lifted our hearts. Wendy was transparent about her journey, specifically as one who has faced the personal battles and the social stigma that come with clinical depression. She reminded us that we have a God who is bigger than life’s struggles, Who can be trusted to carry us through whatever comes, and that laughter can be wonderful medicine for an unwanted diagnosis.

Perhaps what excited me most about Wendy’s message was not only that she encouraged those who attended, but that their participation has spawned dialogue on what we can do locally to minister to those we know of who struggle with mental illness. To listen to our people discussing the possibilities of how we might reach out with the love of Christ to hurting souls in our community confirmed for me that this was a God-timed event. If you have the chance to have Wendy come and share her story with your congregation or organization, grab it! You will be blessed.”

~ Pastor Mark Elley, South Range Christian Church, Digby County, Nova Scotia



"We had the privilege of hosting Wendy Farha at our Aglow Breakfast meeting. She is an inspirational speaker who shared her life story of pain, forgiveness, reconciliation and hope with both humour and seriousness. Additionally, she is a wonderful singer and songwriter and ministered to us in a very special way. I highly recommend Wendy to speak for any group - she's witty, funny, has great talent and is able to minister to those going through some of life's difficult issues.”

- Sylvia Yachimetz, Women Aglow, President, West Edmonton Lighthouse


“We had the pleasure of having Wendy with us at our Ladies Night Out event. We laughed and cried all in one night! Through music and humour, Wendy was honest and open about the joys and challenges of life. Her wonderful ministry touched the women in attendance. We would definitely have Wendy back again!”

~ Christine Harmacy, Crossroads Christian Assembly, Edmonton, AB


“We had the privilege of having Wendy to kick off our Fall Season last year with Ladies’ Night Out. Wendy’s warm personality & hilarious humour made a very enjoyable evening - some of us laughed so hard we cried! Wendy’s testimony touched our hearts & reminded us of the hope we have in any situation we may face. Thanks, Wendy, for sharing with us and lighting this place up with laughter!”

~ Kim Scicluna, Women’s Ministries, New Life Pentecostal Church, Brantford, Ontario


“Wendy shared at our year-end Women’s Fellowship. She entertained, encouraged and inspired us. She touched us with her beautiful voice and lyrics, and encouraged us in our Christian walk. We received such positive feedback from those in attendance, and in particular from one lady seeking to understand more about becoming a Christian.”

~ Moira Miller-Valentine, Bethel Chapel Women’s Fellowship, Pointe Claire, Quebec


“Having Wendy perform at the Westview Bible Church ladies retreat was such a gift. She had us all laughing, singing along and having the time of our lives. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone.”

~ Claire Destounis, Women’s Ministries, Westview Bible Church, Pierrefonds, Quebec


“We had a fantastic night with Wendy Farha! We hosted a “Girls’ Night Out Concert of Hope” for women from the church and community. Wendy had us laughing right from the start with her stories, her music and even during the more serious times of sharing (her past year of dealing with breast cancer). Her optimism and her love of God shines through her. Wendy is an inspiration!”

~ Jennifer Winter, Ministries Coordinator, Bethel Christian Reformed Church, Brockville, Ontario


“Wendy shared in one of the sessions for our annual “Women of Action Conference”. Her transparency and her ability to address pertinent women’s issues through humour simply won the women over, enabling them to identify with her. Her “Menopause” song was a hit! I would recommend Wendy to any Women’s Ministries leader.”

~ Marie-Jose Mann, former WM Coordinator, Evangel Pentecostal Church, Montreal, Quebec


“Wendy came to Prince Edward County for a week and was involved in several ministry events sharing her comedy, songs and Godly wisdom. The week culminated in our Ladies Night Out - Finding the Hope concert. It was a great outreach and ladies came from far and wide to hear her. We were all so blessed by her humour, beautiful singing and the insightful sharing of the trials of her life. Her faith in the Lord is deep and evident….we can’t wait to have her back!!!”

~ Mary Ann Barrett, Marriage & Family Ministry, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Bloomfield, Ontario


“What a blessing you were to the ladies on Saturday. I have had so many comments, thanking me for arranging for you to come to our Ladies’ Potluck Breakfast. You definitely spoke to our hearts, and several of the women had issues surface after your sharing so that we were able to help them deal with whatever was breaking their hearts. Thanks for your humour and your amazing singing. Thanks also for being such an open woman of God, and sharing your story of His grace, faithfulness and mercy in your life. I pray that God will richly bless you in this ministry.”

~ Maxine Lantz, Women’s Ministries, Fellowship Baptist Church, Cornwall, Ontario


“Wendy delighted our audience of over 100 women who attended our Ladies Night Out in Peterborough. Her candor in her comedy had ladies laughing themselves into stitches, and her honesty in her testimony and song had ladies tearing up and praising God. Wendy has a way of connecting with the audience that not many others do, and we are thankful to God for gifting her through the use of comedy to share her story with others. Having Wendy present the Ladies Night Out was a wonderful way for women in different churches to connect with one another, make new friends, and enjoy a fun evening out. Thank you so much, Wendy!”

~ Vicky McPhail, Ladies Committee, Edmison Heights Bible Chapel, Peterborough, Ontario


“Ladies Night Out was truly an evening to remember! Wendy brought an open, honest and uplifting presentation of how she has succeeded with the trials of life by using comedy in dire circumstances. Her spirituality is obvious and she is a wonderful testimony of how God uses us to show His love and joy - especially in the midst of a crisis. For women from teens to nineties, she had all of us laughing and participating through her songs, stories and testimony. You will be blessed and encouraged in a very refreshing way.”

~ Rose Marie Hughes, Women’s Ministries, Greenwood Drive Baptist Church, Fredericton, New Brunswick


“Wendy is a singer, songwriter and stand up comic who has a message. She delivers her testimony with candour and passion. She loves Jesus Christ and this is abundantly clear in her testimony. He has done great things in her life. She is honest and not afraid to challenge us to step out of our comfort zones. Wendy came to Fellowship Baptist Church Kanata in December 2010, just after our church had lost several of our cherished and loved members to cancer. We had experienced several deaths in the past two years. Wendy is herself a cancer survivor; and she shares the pain and more importantly, the joy of her cancer journey. Imagine how her message impacted our women! How can one experience joy while struggling with chemo, radiation, surgeries, ongoing doctor’s appointments and the secondary illnesses that result from all of those interventions? As I said, Wendy has a powerful and uplifting message for those who will share their time with her. If you are looking for a way to encourage women (and men) who are facing challenges in their own lives, then I would strongly recommend Wendy as a guest speaker/singer/comic for your next event. You will truly be blessed in the most surprising way.”

~ Joyce Hamelin, Women’s Ministry Facilitator, Fellowship Baptist Church, Kanata, Ontario


“We had the privilege of having Wendy sing at our Ladies’ Day Retreat recently. She is truly a gifted musician and singer, and we laughed until we cried at her amazing insight into women’s issues.”

~ Carole McNeill, Women’s Ministries, Hudson Community Baptist Church, Ste-Lazare, Quebec


“We took Wendy’s suggestion to invite the Canadian Cancer Society and Mental Health Services to set up booths at our comedy & music night, and this made for an incredible community event of 140+ ladies! Many visitors requested invitations to our next meeting, too. One woman gave Wendy’s CD “The Depression Workshop” to a neighbor who did not attend and it was very well received. Comments about Wendy included: “Hilarious! Enjoyed every minute! Down to earth… wonderful…real…uplifting….encouraging…” God has given Wendy special gifts to inject humour into her life’s most difficult trials and add great music. Wendy Farha is living proof that God can take a broken vessel and use it to His honour and glory. Thank you, Wendy, we love you!”

~ Denise Courtin, President, Ladies’ Ministries, Fellowship Baptist Church, Cobourg, Ontario


“It was truly a pleasure to have Wendy come to St Paul’s on-the-Hill. We enjoyed a full day of laughter, teaching, song and prayer at our Ladies’ Day of Grace. Wendy touched many, not only with her beautiful voice but with her powerful testimony. Her honesty and easygoing personality were so down to earth, everyone felt at ease. Positive comments abound….it was a fantastic day.”

~ Pam Johnstone & Barb Thompson, St. Paul’s on-the-Hill Anglican Church, Pickering, Ontario


“Wendy performed at our church and the show was fantastic. Her comedy had people laughing so hard they could barely breathe. After a break for dessert and door prizes, Wendy shared about her journey. The only problem: it was all too short! If you are looking for a gifted comedienne & speaker to minister to your group, I recommend Wendy.”

~ Joan Caskie, Women’s Ministries, Cedarview Evangelistic Centre, Paris, Ontario


“Wendy shared her music, comedy and testimony at a recent Ladies’ Coffee Break and it was one of the most inspirational events we have held. The ladies laughed, cried and were inspired by Wendy’s performance and life story. She was an encouragement to all of us to follow where God leads. Her gentle gospel message was also a wonderful way to reach seekers in the audience. I would highly recommend Wendy for any ladies’ event and hope to have her come back soon for a Ladies’ Night Out or The Depression Awareness Seminar.”

~ Freda Kennedy, Coffee Break Coordinator, Fellowship CRC, Brighton, Ontario


“Wendy brought it all to our Ladies’ Breakfast!  She had us all belly laughing with her stories and songs.  The entire audience (from twenty- somethings to eighty-somethings) was engaged as she shared her journey through depression, cancer and other life changing events.  Her songs were a testimony to her positive outlook and the joy she has found in Christ.  Her story is one of hope and redemption - you won’t be disappointed.”

~ Shelley Josephs, Women’s Events, Springvale Baptist Church, Stouffville, Ontario


“What a FANTASTIC night with Wendy Farha! When the women were not roaring with laughter, they were crying with tears of laughter. Wendy is a gifted comedian! Our guests were moved by the authenticity of her life story. We had many non- Christians attend this event and the message of the gospel was presented in a gentle and loving way. Wendy spent considerable time with many women afterwards which was so appreciated. This is a fantastic ministry that can reach Christians and non-Christians alike….we look forward to welcoming Wendy again.”

~ Tonya Dick, Acting President for Women of Purpose, Kingston Gospel Temple, Kingston, Ontario


“Wendy did a beautiful job of bringing joy and laughter to a conference that was dealing with some difficult and painful topics. Her humour paved the way, enabling women to relax, enjoy each other and find a safe place to explore heart issues. She is a delight!”

~ Vanessa Brobbel, Kingdom Roots Women’s Conference Co-ordinator, Churchill Meadows Christian Church, Mississauga, Ontario


“We had Wendy come to speak at our women’s group at church. We thoroughly enjoyed her. She was very candid about her life and experiences….we laughed and cried! I highly recommend Wendy to speak to your group.”

~ Karen Hillman-Groenweg, Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, St. Thomas, Ontario


“Wendy’s blend of humour and song, combined with her head-on way of dealing with issues most churches shy away from, was the refreshment our women needed. Many of our ladies came with burdens but left encouraged and uplifted. Throughout the evening, tears and laughter flowed freely and everyone went away with huge smiles on their faces.
We would recommend Wendy for any ladies event!”

~ Helve Young, Peel Pentecostal Tabernacle, Brampton, Ontario



“As the pastor to the seniors at our church, we are always on the lookout for someone like Wendy to be part of our program and her presentation was wonderful - engaging, humourous, musical and able to touch the souls of people with her Christian message, whether they are regular church-goers or have never darkened the door of a church. Having gone through dark times in her own life, Wendy is able to draw those she speaks to along in her journey, but also helps us prepare for our own “valleys” in the future. We loved having her with us and would certainly recommend her to others.”

~ Rev. Alan Rietberg, Central Baptist Church, Brantford, Ontario

“Wendy brought a fun and varied program to our "Friday Friendship" Senior's Lunch. It was wonderful to hear our elderly guests laughing so much! And her gospel presentation was clear, simple and effective. We will certainly be having her back again!”

~ Jennifer Friesen, Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries, White Rock Baptist Church, Surrey, BC


“We had a St. Patrick’s Day event at our church for our 55+ group and Wendy was our entertainment that evening. We were blown away! Wendy was funny, sincere and openly honest about all her difficulties in life. What a great message - a message that many of our congregation members could relate to, having dealt with the same type of burdens in their lives. We would love for Wendy to make another return engagement.”

~ Bob Erwin, Chairperson, Seniors, Westhill Park Baptist Church, Regina, SK

"Some time ago, we invited Wendy Farha to minister at our ‘60's Plus' Seniors group of about 150 people at Central Community Church.  I am the Director of this group. Wendy is a very gifted lady whose ministry is a delightful mixture of God's Word (presented in an edifying and easy to understand manner), excellent and enjoyable musical talent (she writes and plays all of her own songs), and comedy (she is absolutely hilarious!) Wendy has passed through difficult times in her life, including cancer, and has chosen to use these experiences to bring hope, understanding, strength, healing and laughter to others in their journeys through life. After experiencing Wendy's ministry, you will understand the meaning of the verse, "a merry heart does good like medicine." Our time together with Wendy ended with her giving a brief and very clear presentation of the gospel message. People left our seniors meeting that day feeling happy, lighthearted, refreshed and inspired, and with a clear understanding of what it means to be a child of our Heavenly Father. We look forward to her ministry again in the future."

- Rev. David Topping, Pastoral Care & Visitation, Central Community Church, St. Catharines, Ontario

"A BIG thank you for a great presentation. Everyone enjoyed their did an amazing job in connecting with all. Your testimony was so anointed."

- Pastor Salem Faraj, Care, Seniors & Intercultural Ministries, Glad Tidings Church (PAOC), Burlington, Ontario


“Wendy Farha provides a unique blend of fun and depth with her personal Christian testimony. She uses simple good humour to gain the audiences undivided attention and then shares her story. The members of our large seniors’ group are already asking when she will come back again. Thank you, Wendy!”

- Joan Mee, Co-Ordinator, Bramalea Baptist Church Seniors

"As leaders of our senior's group, we are always looking for new speakers and singers and we invited Wendy Farha to our church. Wendy is woman of many talents as she kept us entertained with her songs, music, stories and humour. Her ability to make people laugh is the best medicine ever. Our seniors just loved the joy she spread and love she shared. The afternoon went way too fast, and we look forward to having her back for more."

- Rudy & Marg Gubo, Leaders of 60s Plus, Central Community Church, St. Catharines, Ontario


“Our annual Seniors’ Ministry Christmas Outreach Banquet’s theme this year was “Christmas: A Celebration of Joy!” and you fit the bill completely! What a joy to have you serve us so wonderfully!  From your presentation – which was disarmingly hilarious! – to the hilarious songs, to sharing some deep struggles and challenges you have gone through in your life, the participants came away with a clear understanding that joy isn’t dependent on everything being great! Your personal journey helped “humanize” the Christian journey – which we sometimes over-emphasis as being “perfect” – something non-Christians have a hard time swallowing (or desiring). Thank you for helping us and our guests see the way Christ gives us hope through our ups and our downs! Another thing that impressed me was that you took time before and during the meal to walk around the room and converse with the people at their tables. Several people mentioned they had very much enjoyed you being that up close and personal.

A couple of stories from the evening: We have a couple in our seniors group who had just found out in previous weeks that the husband has two cancerous growths on his kidneys. They had decided not to come because they were not in the mood for comedy, but ended up feeling prompted to come anyway. They spoke with me later to say that the evening had been exactly what they needed – both because they needed to laugh but also to see that joy can still be experienced within their difficult health journey.

This was an outreach banquet and our seniors had invited about 35 guests, many of who never or seldom attend any church event or activity. Several of those who had invited guests spoke with me to say how much their friends had enjoyed the evening and how your testimony, in particular, caused them to have to consider the strength that faith in God brings to people. There have been several follow up conversations as a result. God used you to open doorways to believers and unbelievers through humour and honesty about the tough things that life sometimes gives us. Thank you! Keep ‘em Laughing and Loving Jesus!”

- Gareth Goossen, Pastor, Senior’s Ministry, Waterloo Mennonite Brethren Church, Waterloo, Ontario



“Wendy recently conducted a teaching session for women at our church, the theme of which was “depression”. Wendy’s teaching struck a very healthy balance between the psychological and spiritual aspects of depression, as she spoke from her own personal struggles and the experiences of others. Enhanced with samplings of her humor, wit and musical talent, the evening proved to be a great encouragement, help and blessing to the women who attended.”

~ Pastor Andy Tulloch, Larchwood Bible Chapel, Dowling, Ontario


“We were blessed to have Wendy share with us in music and humour at a ladies event. It was so well received that we decided to ask her to come and present what she had learned about dealing with depression. The evening was arranged at short notice, but a large number of people came, an indication of how many people struggle with this problem. Wendy is not a trained psychologist, but shared insights that were extremely helpful and insightful. Those in the group were able to identify with her and found hope in what she shared. I was particularly impressed with how she spent a significant amount of time afterwards to talk and pray with those who had specific needs.”

~ Pastor Peter Spragg, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Bloomfield, Ontario


“When I became a Christian, my life took on new meaning and I felt like I had a new lease on life. Strangely, a couple of years later I fell into depression. This was hard to understand because when you have Jesus in your life, you shouldn’t be depressed … should you? This really just made my depression worse because not only was I depressed, I felt like I was a failure as a Christian. Years later I found out about Prozac. Life returned to normal, which was great, not only for me but also for my family, who had also been through a terrible time because of my depression. Your presentation was excellent because it was so down to earth and honest, which put people at ease right away. Your humour was great, making us laugh because we could relate so well to what you were saying. Not only was your story inspiring, you had a lot of good teaching. Thanks so much for doing it.”

~ Gill Spragg, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Bloomfield, Ontario


“It was our privilege to have Wendy Farha come to Timmins to do “The Depression Awareness Seminar” which was extremely well received. Wendy’s story of her battle with cancer and depression touched many hearts and provided valuable information and encouragement to those who were present at these events. I would recommend both Wendy’s shows and her workshops to any church or group trying to reach out to show solidarity and support to those in their communities who struggle with these, and other, issues. Wendy’s good humour and positive attitude provide a balance with the seriousness of these issues and provide hope as well as insight. Added to her ability to communicate well is the tremendous musical talent that she has been blessed with, and that provided a blessing for us as well.”

~ Lynda Schultz, Director of Spiritual Formation, First Baptist Church, Timmins, Ontario


“Too often, people who suffer from depression believe they are the only ones that deal with the condition. Wendy Farha was successful in getting the people who attended this seminar to become either more aware of the signs and symptoms of depression or more open and honest about their own personal struggles and successes.”

~ Pastor Larry Blaikie, Cornwall Wesleyan Church, Cornwall, Ontario


“Wendy was invited to Emmanuel Baptist Church & presented us with a powerful message titled “I’m A Christian…So Why Am I Depressed?” This event attracted a large number of people - both men and women - to an evening filled with encouragement and information that helped us understand the pain and suffering a depressed person experiences. We were challenged by her candid description of how we sometimes respond in an unkind and unloving way. She gave us personal glimpses into how this affects the person. Her presentation was both sensitive and forward. Wendy’s personal walk with God through this difficult time in her life gives her the ability to share honestly and wisely the depth of this problem and challenge the Church to help.”

~ Priscilla Smith, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Bloomfield, Ontario


“Wendy Farha was our guest speaker this past March, teaching her_ Depression Awareness Seminar_. Even though the topic of depression can be somewhat challenging to present, Wendy did an amazing job using humour, music, grace and candor. She was able to help us understand and bring the struggle with depression to each of us by sharing her own very personal life story. She helped people in the congregation identify their mental health concerns and reach out for assistance. The overwhelming theme that shone through her presentation with clarity and hope is that depression is very real and there is help available. She is an engaging speaker and we were blessed to have her!”

~ Kathy Cunningham, Chair, Health & Wellness Committee, Walton Memorial United Church, Oakville, Ontario



“Wendy was our guest speaker for our Celebrate Recovery “Testimony Night”. There was a powerful move of God as she incorporated her Holy Spirit-led humor and music in between the testimonies of changed lives. She also gave her amazing testimony. We all experienced a “roller coaster” of emotions as she brought us through pain, healing, deliverance, laughter and praise. It was a mighty ushering in of the Presence of God. I recommend Wendy for any event as she is very sensitive to the Spirit and has so much material - songs, humor and life experience - that she can apply to any situation.”

~ Deborah Polat, Christian Life Center Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


“We were very pleased to have Wendy Farha with us for a weekend of ministry events. She shared the sermon time during our morning worship with her testimony and music, she had the crowd laughing with her comedy at our outreach event on Sunday night, and was the guest testimony for our Celebrate Recovery group on Monday night. What more could we ask of her? She exceeded our expectations in every area at three different events. She was great and we want to have her back again!”

~ Rev. Richard Wright, Chesley Community Church, Chesley, Ontario


“Wendy visited us at Celebrate Recovery at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Trenton and ministered in music, comedy and personal testimony. She is a good fit for a recovery group with her honest stories of the struggles God has seen her through, her battles with depression and ill health. Many people were blessed and encouraged after listening to Wendy’s uplifting stories. We are so grateful to have shared with her the gifts God has given her and we look forward to following her ministry as God uses her in the future.”

~ Wayne Pickering, Celebrate Recovery, Trenton, Ontario


“Wendy was awesome; the evening went well very well. She will make you laugh, pray and cry…. a very gifted communicator. She has the same understanding of Celebrate Recovery, yet God worked on her through different ways - she fits the bill well. If you want to do something different - an outreach night - I highly recommend Wendy.”

~ Claude Taillefer, Celebrate Recovery, Orleans, Ontario


“Wendy blessed many people in Welland who joined us for a special anniversary evening at our Celebrate Recovery. Her songs and testimony provided great hope and encouragement. She has a ministry that is worth sharing.”

~ Tim Albrecht, Celebrate Recovery, Welland, Ontario


“Celebrate Recovery is a great place to hear from people how Christ has become their one and only higher power. Wendy came to us for an outreach evening, where our goal was to tell others that there is hope. She made us all laugh and have fun, and shared her story of how Christ has helped her through cancer and depression.

I know lives were touched by the phone calls we received in the weeks following, with individuals inquiring about how Celebrate Recovery works. God has blessed us all with certain gifts and Wendy is a prime example of just what Christ can do for us if we are honest, willing and open-minded. Changed lives change lives and we are looking forward to having Wendy back again soon!”

~ Kevin Kynock, Celebrate Recovery, New Hope Wesleyan Church, Kentville, Nova Scotia


“We had the pleasure of hosting Wendy Farha at our Celebrate Recovery Meeting recently and we were really blessed by the evening. We were all really taken by the beauty of Wendy’s voice and the humour she has been able to find through her challenges, and her testimony was very uplifting. Of course, her faith is woven into all aspects of her very entertaining evening. You will be blessed by Wendy Farha, I’m sure.”

~ Julie Hayter, Peace Tower Church, Ottawa, Ontario



“My tummy hurts this morning from laughing so hard! Great time and thanks to all the ladies who made it happen. What an amazing story - I am blessed to have met you.” ~ Glory F.


“Just to let you know that we all enjoyed your talk. You’re simply amazing and hilarious!” ~ Rene L.


“Am so proud of you and what you do to help people. Honoured to be in your wonderful circle of friends.” ~ Kathryn


“Last Saturday night at Stephen’s Anglican Church, we were entertained by the music and humour of Wendy Farha. Wendy had us laughing one minute as she told us her ‘pantyhose story’, running for the bus with her guitar in one hand and stuff in the other while her pantyhose made their way to her knees, and then had us singing along or pondering the words to a song she had written about relationships or the names of Jesus. Wendy is a gifted singer and songwriter and we were all blessed by her talents and delightful personality. I feel that she was one of God’s best kept secrets until meeting her Saturday. Thank God the secret’s out and I hope to hear of her performing more and more. God’s richest blessings, Wendy, as you continue to venture out in His Mighty Name and purpose for your life.“  ~ Melody S.


“If you want to be entertained by a talented funny person with a serious message, Wendy is your gal. She has an amazing ability to connect in small or medium sized venues and can teach and/or entertain through riveting storytelling, audience participation and just incredible original humor. Check out her website and blog for an amazing tour through her life and prepare to be both challenged and in awe. Don’t miss an opportunity to bring her in.“  ~ Doug Jones


“It was a wonderful evening. Her solo concert came off more like Wendy Farha hosting an intimate gathering of friends, though most of us had never met. There were great laughs and songs, but also, Wendy makes us feel good inside. When I think of Wendy, I think of the term “live wire!” Her exuberance is catchy; she is a born entertainer! However, when I think of the strength of humanity and exponents thereof, I reflect on Wendy’s sharing of her experience, strength and hope - and the challenges she personally has overcome. Wendy, we salute you!“  ~ Paul Lifsches


“Wendy is a charming, motivated, warm person. Through trials both great and small, Wendy has an ability to make anyone feel better about themselves and see the beauty of life and that we all have purpose and meaning in every situation, communicating her life story in various forms to bring encouragement to those who come in contact with her. Wendy is just one of those people that always leaves a positive footprint in the lives of those she touches.“  ~ David Mills


“Wendy had our audience eating out of her hand with her insightful songwriting, intuitive performing and inspired monologues. She’s got a wonderfully varied style, she’s funny and she’s got a great voice! When a single performer is able to “fill the stage” the way Wendy Farha does, you know you’ve got a winner on your hands.” ~ Isabelle Delage, Side Door Coffee House, Pierrefonds, Quebec

"I wanted to let you know what an encouragement u are. Sometimes I know you don’t get to hear of how you’ve impacted peoples lives. My Mom was in the audience that night in Roblin and she had just gotten a bad cancer diagnosis. You were just what she needed to hear. Today she goes to the cancer clinic for the 1st time. Pray for her, she really needs even a little hope today. Thanks so much, I’ll continue to pray for you."  ~ Tammy, Roblin, ON


"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your show last night at Lakes Church. You hit the nail on the head for a lot of women in the room. Everyone I met today said they had a fab time. Hope you come again."  ~ Nancy, Roblin, ON




“With much appreciation and thanks for sharing your beautiful voice and songs during our special evening for all the members we lost this year. Gilda’s Club Montreal truly appreciates your devotion to making our yearly tribute so incredibly special in November 2003.”  ~ Natalie Roper, Program Manager


“Your style, your humour and your soothing melodies were a source of comfort to all who attended."  ~ Martin D. Bogante, President


“Wendy sang and played for us at our Memorial Service last year. As with all Memorial Services, the atmosphere was charged with very high emotion. Wendy sang her songs with an exquisite voice and passion that softened the pain within each of us. Instead of leaving the service feeling broken, we went home with treasured memories. Many thanks, Wendy, for sharing your music with us.”  ~ Jocelyne Levaque, Memorial Service Co-ordinator