Wendy is a gifted singer, songwriter, musician, comedian & inspirational speaker. She began writing songs & performing in 1978, playing in coffeehouses, churches and hospitals.

That was over forty years ago. Since then, Wendy has shared those songs with thousands of people in venues all over Canada & the United States.

A gifted communicator, she shares her songs, stories and her hilarious sense of humour to entertain & inspire her audiences. Click on the Video Page to see her at work!

Wendy's diagnosis of clinical depression in 2000 and then breast cancer in 2009 has given her an empathy for those suffering from sickness, mental illness, and from the many difficulties we experience in this life.


Adventures with Wendy

Welcome to Adventures With Wendy!! This is a blog I began in August 2009, just days after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The first entry you'll see on this blog, "We Are Family", was posted on August 20, 2009.