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Wendy is in a documentary film!

Wendy is one of 9 women featured in the documentary "Beauty and the Breast". People everywhere are falling in love with this film! Beauty and the Breast won Best Documentary Film at the World Film Festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It has also been featured or will be featured at the Warsaw Film Festival in Poland, the Brantford Film Festival in Ontario, Canada, and the
Whistler Film Festival in British Columbia, Canada.

For more information about this movie, please visit:

To see Wendy's interview on 100 Huntley Street,
click on the last video in the player below.



Those of you just getting acquainted with Wendy may be wondering how to pronounce her last name. It's "FAR-huh", and it means "joy" in Arabic.

Wendy's paternal grandparents came from Damascus, Syria in the early 1900s.
Pretty cool, huh?

Last Updated ( Monday, 19 November 2012 )

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